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Cryptocurrency digital marketplace with free raffles
Our mission

Create the new way of sales with raffles and make it effective and attractive. And to make it possible for everyone to use cryptocurrencies in everyday trading.
Earn tokens with Freeplee
Sell your goods and get payed with token
Direct sell
People can sell their goods and get payed with token
Price offer
If the price does not suit buyer, he can make price offer to the seller, seller can accept or decline it

Create a sweepsteak and wait until ADS revenue will cover your item price
Get ticket and win
Want to get something free?
How raffles works
The seller publishes his item and all users can take part in it's sweepstake

To participate, the user should get a ticket by watching video ADS or disabling it for FRP. Number of tickets is not limited, but user can't get a ticket more than once in hour for every item

The sweepstake will be finished when the revenue from advertising will cover the cost of item + service commission
More ways to earn tokens
0.5% monthly cashback
ADS revenue share
50% of ADS revenue for your tickets
Bonus system
Invite a friend and get a bonus of 0.5% of the amount his friend spent each month
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